Problem Reading DVD-R with 3500A



I have a strange problem with my 4 months old NEC 3500A. I can burn without a problem, but reading gives CRC errors. The media is TEAC x8 (Prodisc F01). The FW is 218_liggy_Ritek_SE . When I use CDspeed (latest version) The discs read fine for a while, and then at some point stop reading and I get an error “NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION” . When I read it with CDcheck - I get CRC errors. When I simply copy the data off the discs, I also get CRC errors.
However, the discs play fine on DVD players, and I just got a new Asus DVD-ROM E616P2 (FW 1.07) and the same discs read fine on CDspeed and CDcheck.
So it seams the writing is fine, no errors, but the reading is bad.
Any ideas?


After checking some older recordings I made from a few weeks ago, as well as new ones on dvd+r from Teac , it appears to be a case of bad batch of media.