Problem reading dvd-r with 163D dvd-drive

We have severe problems reading dvd-r disks in Windows XP.

When we put in the dvd, a message comes up to tell us that the disks layout is bad and the data is not accessable.

But when we restart the pc’s ( with the dvd in the drive ) the data becomes available.

Is there some setting in XP that we can change so that when we put in another disk that the data is available from the start without having to restart the pc ?

Thanks in advance,



Did you burn ISO, UDF or ISO/UDF?

Hello Alex,

I don’t know the format, it’s a dvd made by someone else.

The volume info says:

Type : Dvd
Status: online
Style van de partitie: Master Boot Record (MBR)
Capaciteit: 4280 MB

And the text DVD-station in the maplist changes to cd-rom drive.

Have you also expirienced this ?

kind regards,


Sorry I’ve no idea on this one. To tell the truth I’ve not even touched a writable or re-writable DVD disc yet.

And that is the reason why I have not tested it yet…