Problem Reading DVD disc on 1693


I have just bought a Lite-On 1693 but am having a problem which I’m sure must be something obvious.
I have a DVD backup of MP3 files but cannot seem to read the disc.
The disc plays fine on my domestic DVD player and the 1693 reads other DVDs fine.

When I put the disc into my 1693 and try to use Windows Explorer (XPsp2) to view the disc contents …
I get the hourglass for 30secs then the drive “DVD-RW Drive ( E: )” changes to “CD-Drive ( E: )” and the disc appears empty.

Please, someone, put me out of my misery and tell me what I’m missing :doh:

I’ve tried searching the forums but found nothing.
Please be gentle, this is my first post.

Do you have the MP3 plugin in your computer?

Are you sure that your disc was not converted into a coaster? Can you right-click on any file and select properties? If not, maybe is a faylty disc.

Thx for the replies.

I’m fairly sure the disc is healthy 'cos it plays okay on my domestic DVD player.

I don’t have an MP3 plugin. I didn’t get as far as trying to play the MP3s in Media Player, windows seems to think the disc is empty. Do I need a plugin to see the MP3 files in Windows Explorer ? Can you recommend anything ?

Really greatful for your help.

I just got a 1693s. I had backed up a buncha my mp3’s to DVD using my 832s. I just put one of the mp3 DVD’s in the 1693s and explorer sees them. I can right click on the mp3 and get the properties and double clicking brings up MusicMatch and it plays them. You got something funny going on there.

If you have Windows Media 10 than you have the plugin!!! If you have an oldest version than you must add the plugin.

This morning I plugged the LiteOn 1693 into my sons PC (Win98) and the troublesome DVD could be read fine in Windows Explorer.
So, there appears to be a problem using this device in my XPsp2 machine.
As bichonn suggested, I checked and have Media 10 so it looks like the MP3 pluggin is not a problem.
Anyone else come across problems using this device with XPsp2 ?