Problem reading disks with Lite-On SOHW-1673s

I purchased a Lite-On SOHW-1673s drive about a year ago and used it on a Dell Inspiron 8500 Laptop running Win XP Home, SP1 with no problem. I recently got a new HP nw8440 laptop running Win XP Pro, SP2 and it will not work at all.

When I first attached the drive to the new laptop, the computer recognized the drive was there and I was able to install the EZ-DUB software that came with the drive, using the drive. I rebooted, and ever since, the drive will not read or write from this computer. The drive shows up as simply “CD Drive (G: )” in the my computer window, whether it is empty, or has media in it. If I try to open the drive, it says “Windows can not read from this disc. It may be corrupted, or be in a format incompatible with windows.”

I have tested this drive on 2 other computers - running vista and xp home SP2 - and it works perfectly. The problem only occurs on the HP laptop running XP Pro SP2. It doesn’t matter if the media is pre-recorded, or homemade, finalized or not - it won’t let me browse any disc. It also will not play audio CDs or DVDs.

What I’ve tried - Removing the drive from device manager and rebooting, to have Windows re-recognize the drive. It goes through the whole “new hardware found” rigmarole, but it still doesn’t work.

Also tried - updating the firmware from the manufacturer to version JS0D. This doesn’t seem to have any effect.

What do I try next? Or what else do you need to know? Thanks in advance for any help.