Problem reading disc burnt in same drive

Hi there everyone!! I have a major problem at the moment with my HP DVD Writer 300n (cd/dvd) burner. I have no problem when burning (anything, dvd’s, cd’s, Video files etc) but when i put the disc back in to read it, it wont read, says is of wrong format. :frowning:

I have updated the firmware (which just after this the problem occured) and I use Nero Burning ROM (not Express)
It doesn’t make any difference whether cd or dvd and they seem to work fine on other people’s computers. :eek:

Does anyone have any idea on what the problem is? The only thing that changed was update to firmware, which i followed the instructions exactly.

My system is a Compaq Presario S4040AN with pentium 4, 2.66 ghz 512 Mg
RAM, 40 gig internal 5200 rpm hard drive and 120 gig 7200 rpm external (Firewire) drive. Onboard SIS graphics 64 meg shared.

HELP i’m really at a loss :smiley:

get a hold of the previous firmware and flash it back. sounds like it was the firmware upgrade that spazzed the drive. as always - if it aint broke, don’t “update” it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply Ghosters

Have thought that it is something to do with the firmware and compared the two firmware files that have installed.

(Have not rolled back yet - waiting for more info)
So this is how the situation went down:

I Updated the first one (dvd300n_300.exe) but then whenever I went on net would get message [New firmare update now available]. Didn’t want to update (everything worked fine) but couldn’t turn off - being a HP System everything preinstalled with “Recovery Partition” and the drive’s program that is supposed (according to HP drive website) to be in start menu not there and couldn’t find elsewhere.
Got sick of it coming up so accepted. The update was (dvd300n_320.exe) but it is exactly the same size (4.30 Meg) and same file version (
So my problem now is that if I rollback to version that gave me the compatability I have to put up with constantly wanting to “update” :a

Does anyone have any input on this particular drive (HP DVD Writer 300n) and it's firmware. Any comments are much appreciated.  Thank you :)