Problem Reading Certain DVD's

I’m sure that I am not the only person that has seen this before but wanted to post it here to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to get around it.

When I try to backup a movie I will pop the original (an example is the movie The Hoax) in to my DVD Burner that happens to be a USB Lite On but I have had this happen to me on several other burners as well. When I put the disc in the drive will never seem to read / recognize it properly. What will happen is the drive will just keep on flashing the read LED constantly and will basically hang up my system until I eject it.

To be clear I’ve verified that the disc is not in anyway damaged, sometimes I can get the disc to be recognized by ejecting it and reinserting it. This is not common to only my USB drive as I’ve had this problem with almost every DVD Drive I’ve had in all my computers at one time or another.

Is there someway around this other than to try another drive?

You say that “To be clear I’ve verified that the disc is not in anyway damaged” but in most cases I have found this is caused by scratched dvds or dirty dvds. Try washing it with soap and water and dry then try it again. Outside of that I have seen posting where people have got bad dvds from the stores but this does not happen very often.

The DVD I mentioned was brand new (just came out today) and I certainly agree you can get a bad DVD out of the box but with this DVD just like others I pop it in to another DVD Drive and it plays / rips perfectly. This is what makes me wonder where the problem lies. Is it the Disc or the drive itself. This is not common to any one drive. I have access to many different drives and it can happen in one of them but usually not others.

Also when was the last time you cleaned your burner lens, it is recommended that it be cleaned after 10 hours of use