Problem reading CD under WinXP

Some of my data CD could not be read under WinXP while it work fine under Win98 or WinME with the same drive. WinXP reported that the CD is corrupted or has invalid structure (I forgot the actual error message).

Does anybody experience this also? How to overcome this?

Help me please.:frowning:

get the error message :slight_smile: post it and much more help will be available

just thoguht of something, is it written using packet writing software? maybe update your UDF reader

Yea, exact error would help.

By packet writing he means something like DirectCD or InCD.

The error message is “The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable”. I’ve experienced this problem with ASUS CD-S400, SONY CRX140E and LITEON LTD-163D.:confused:

What program did you use to write to the disks?

I am trying to read a common data CD, i.e. not CDR or CDRW, that I purchased. So, I don’t know what was the program used to record the CD.

Btw, I am using WinXP Profesional Edition.

Additional information (not related to CD), last night I tried to read a 3.5" Floppy Disk that my sister borrowed from her friend and it could not be read with an eror message of “Data error (cyclic redundancy check)”. I tried to boot my computer using CD-ROM (Win98) and the disk could be read with no problem.

Is it something wrong with the computer or WinXP?:confused:


I own a Compaq presario 2500, with windows xp professional.

Till now cdrw/dvd drive worked normally, but now it cannot read any cd’s any more.

When I insert a cd it spin a little bit as usual, in explorer it is seen as “D:” in root folder, but I cannot open it by clicking on it.

I can normaly eject cd by button or from explorer.

What do you think it is the problem?
Is the drive “broken” or is it a software problem?