Problem reading CD information (Music) on Mitsui Disk

OK here’s the deal, which is stumping me.

Plextor 740A all firmware applied

Disk in question: Mitsui Gold, but an old one, maybe around 1999-2000

Disk has music on it from the original disk, ripped with CDEX around the same year as above.

Music plays in stereos.

When in my CD in computer, it shows a blank cd in Audiograbber, Nero 6.6, and Windows XP Pro explorer.

I think my sister in law said it would not play in her newer Bose CD in her car, but plays fine in my brothers Memorex home CD player.

Anyone have any ideas and or a solution? This was a back up CD, but the original got stepped on–and I never cut it to the hard drive!

Thanks much guys and gals. I appreciate this forum and have so for around the time it was started.

I’m assuming it’s not a protected audio CD. Have you tried reading it in different drives on the computer?

No protection. I only have one drive. I can try it in another compiter. That’s a good idea. Just can’t image the Plextor would not read it, but it plays in car and home CD players. May be something specific to Plex and the CD maybe.

Anyone got any ideas? I just found another one of these disks and it will not play or even show up as a disk in my PLex 740A.