Problem reading burned discs with ND-3520

Guys, just got an NEC 3520 from newegg and I’m having some issues in XP (sp2). I can write discs fine using nero 6.6 ultra (data dics, dvd backup, etc), but the drive can’t read any discs it creates…or any burned dvd+/-r disc for that matter. I threw in a dvd movie and it started up fine, but when I put in a burned disc, the drive spends a ton of time reading the disc and finally the drive icon in XP switches from “DVD-RW drive” to “CD drive”. When I tried to explore a burned disc, xp would give me a blank window which I assume means xp thought it was a blank CD and I wanted to write files onto it. I disabled the cd write feature for that drive and now when I try to explore a burned disc xp simply asks me to insert a disc into the drive.

It seems this has also happened with the ND-3500A since I’ve seen other people complain about this exact propblem elsewhere (but none of the posts had solutions). Anyway I’d appreciate any help you guys can provide.

system specs: XP (sp2), soyo mobo, amd 1.5 ghz, two harddrives on
ide 1, nec alone on ide 2 as master. burning with nero 6.6
ultra, removed INCD, but not the windows default roxio cd
burner (could this be the problem?).

First remove Roxio to make sure that it doesn’t conflict. If you can do a restore to before you add Roxio even better. If that doesn’t work try a different version of Nero. I believe it was v6.6 that had a data/read issue . Also there was a guy whos DVD player played movies but wouldn’t read any data or music. He reported back that he tried it in a friends computer and it did the samething so he exchanged the drive where he bought it and that cured the problem. Wierd stuff now adays

I would remove IN-CD or any other packet writing software.