Problem reading ANY discs on 1620 after a burn

I posted this in the wrong forum by mistake earlier, so I apologize for those who have to see this again.

I got the OEM version of the BenQ 1620 about a month ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get to installing it and playing with it until about a week ago. Since my first burn, I’ve noticed that it will not read any discs after the burn 95% of the time, including the one it just completed successfully as indicated by Nero, unless I reboot my whole system. Then it’s able to recognize discs again.

The burn itself was fine. It just won’t READ any disc after the burn. It came with the retail version of the firmware B7U9. I upgraded it to the latest B7V9, but that didn’t make any difference so I flashed the B7U9 version back just to see if it made any difference, and it didn’t. I talked to BenQ customer service and the guy said if it came with the retail version, I should stick with the retail version, so I have not tried flashing the OEM version yet. Because the drive didn’t actually have a “problem” burning the disc, the guy wouldn’t RMA this drive for me and was being a real @$$hole. I asked him how he could consider a user having to REBOOT the system after each burn before he can use the drive again not a probelm, and he just kept insisting that it’s not a drive problem and tried to blame it on my system. That is the worst customer service experience I’ve had so this is my last time buying a BenQ anything. Back to my real problem:

I am running XP Pro. The 1620 is connected as a Master and another CD burner as the slave on the same IDE channel. I did not have this problem when I had my old Lite-On burner connected exactly the same way. All I did was switch the Lite-On out and put this BenQ in. Unfortunately, I can’t reinstall the Lite-On to test because I gave it away already. No software or system config changes other than that.

I have tried several different media and have the same problem. Sometimes, just after RIPPING a DVD with DVD Shrink will render the drive useless to read anything until I reboot my system. The drive can also stop recognizing discs when I switch different media back and forth a few times for it to read. Note that DVD InfoPro and DVD Identifier can read the discs, but Windows cannot. This cannot be normal. Has anyone had this similar problem with this drive??? I’ve heard a lot of great things about it before I bought it and thought I was safe, but I have yet to see that for myself. Any input anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated.

The bright side of all this is that I called Newegg and they are willing to RMA the drive for me, so I have 14 days to ship them the drive. However, I’m guessing that it’s probably going to cost me about $10 just to ship the drive back to them before getting another one back. That’s almost 20% of what it would cost me for a brand new drive nowadays. I’m debating whether I’m better off just spending a little more and just getting an NEC, since I’ve heard great things about NEC. I’m also seeing a lot of people with different problems on this drive too, so I’m not sure if I should even bother getting another 1620.

I apologize for the lengthy explanation. Thanks for your feedback!

You’re saying windows explorer cannot read a disc, but dvd decrypter can? If that is the case, then it might not be the drive.

I take it that you told windows explorer to eject the disc, then you reinserted the disc and this still doesnt work?

Yes, DVD Decrypter and DVD InfoPro can still read discs, but Windows cannot. Yep, I’ve ejected the disc and inserted it again multiple times and Windows still cannot read it until I reboot the whole system. It thinks there’s no disc in the drive when I try to access it.

PowerDVD also cannot play the disc normally. It still plays, but it’s very choppy, like the drive laser cannot read the disc fast enough for PowerDVD to process. I also notice that the light on the drive is blinking very fast when PowerDVD is trying to play it. Even though this drive burns fine, it is still not normal that it would behave this way after every burn and my older Lite-On 812 drive didn’t have this problem. If it’s not the drive, any idea what configuration I might have to change in Windows to get this to work more normally? It is very annoying that I would have to reboot my system every time after each burn before I can use the drive again. It’s actually ridiculous. Thanks.

Just a quick add - I just did another test and verified that DVD Decrypter CAN read a disc after a burn. I only tested with DVD InfoPro and DVD Identifier earlier. However, I also tested with DVD Shrink, and it CANNOT read it. It doesn’t recognize that there is a disc in the drive.

Why would you want DVD SHRINK to read back the disc anyway? If it’s a burned disc using DECRYPTER would be enough. It sounds to me like it’s a media issue not a hardware issue. What brands of dvd media are you using? Cheap media could result in the disc not being able to be read back. Just my 2cents!!! :wink:

uninstall it from the device manager then reboot

I’m not saying I use DVD Shrink to read back the burned discs. I was just using that as an example of how some applications such as DVD Shrink and Windows Explorer have problems reading ANY discs, regardless of the media, after every burn. This includes commercial movie DVDs! Even PowerDVD has problems playing movies after I perform a burn with the drive, even if I stick in a totally different disc. The drive will not recognize any discs after a burn until I reboot! At least not the apps that can actually do something with the discs. If it were a media issue, then the drive should have problems reading them after the reboot too, but it doesn’t. It reads all of the media I’ve tried fine, as long as I reboot every time after a burn.

The media I’ve tried are:

RicohJPNW11 (+RW)
RitekR03 (+R)
CMCMagE01 (+R)
AML002 (+R)

I haven’t tried any -R media yet, but I’ve read in this forum that this drive likes +R’s more anyway. The booktype is set for -ROM. If all of these media are considered “bad”, then that would be a big coincidence. I’ve heard that the Ricoh and Ritek were supposed to be good ones. I’ve heard mixed opinions about CMC MAG, and the AML is probably a cheap one. My Lite-On never had any problems with any of these media. At least I didn’t have to reboot after every burn. :slight_smile:

I’m just trying to understand if there’s some system config I’m supposed to do for this BenQ to make it work “normally”. It is not normal that I have to reboot every time after a burn before the drive can read any discs again. Thanks.

uninstall it from the device manager then reboot

The problem is the DVD MEDIA you’re using the AML, RITEK & CMC isn’t the best media to use. :Z

Test out the 1620 in another pc. Uninstall POWER DVD and reinstall it. See if that would help. And no it is NOT NORMAL to have to REBOOT after you burn a dvd. Have you tried changing IDE CABLES? Is the jumper set to MASTER? Try leaving just the 1620 as MASTER without anything else attached to that same IDE CABLE. Make sure DMA is enabled. :slight_smile:

All the media I’ve used except for the AML are on the BenQ media compatibility list on their site. Even if it’s not the best media, does it make sense that it can burn them fine but can’t read them immediately afterwards until I reboot the system? As I said, my old Lite-On never had this kind of problem and I did not change any configuration in my system since I removed the Lite-On and replaced it with this BenQ. And yes, the BenQ is currently jumpered as a Master with another CD burner as the Slave on the same IDE channel.

I haven’t had the chance to try any hardware config changes yet as that takes more time. I will try that next and let you know how that goes. I’d like to resolve this soon so I can decide whether I should RMA it with Newegg for another drive or just forget about it and get myself an NEC. It’s not exactly “broken”. It just doesn’t work quite normally, and the quirk is quite annoying.

BTW, El_Mariachi, the uninstall from Device Manager and reboot did not help. I actually kept an AML disc in the drive during the reboot and after the reboot, it can read it initially. But when I ejected it and put in a Ritek and a Ricoh disc, it couldn’t read either of them. Then I stuck the AML disc that it could read a minute ago back in, and it couldn’t read it anymore. It doesn’t seem to be able to read anything anymore. And I didn’t even do a burn this time!

hmm i say rma that thing

Compatibility doesn’t mean much when the media you’re using is known to be crappy. Use good quality dvd media like (FUJI) TAIYO YUDEN, (VERBATIM) MCC, & (MAXELL) RICOH for DVD+R media. The AML, RITEK & CMC brands may have worked for you with the LITEON drive you had but in the long run will those discs be readable after a period of time. Only time will tell… …RMA the drive if you seriously want to get the NEC drive…NEC doesn’t have many official firmware updates but there are many hacked firmwares…NEC drives are known to be poor readers compared to the BENQ 1620…Good luck! :wink:

Well, I think my 30-day refund has expired with Newegg, so even if I RMA it, I think I can only get another 1620 as a replacement, unless they let me RMA it for a different drive. That’s why I was debating whether I should even bother with this RMA or just live with this annoyance and just look for another drive, possibly an NEC. The BenQ customer service experience kind of turned me off from even considering another BenQ product. If I called in for the initial RMA before the 30-day limit and asked for a replacement, can I still ask for a refund now if I tell them I changed my mind about getting a replacement? That was only 3 days ago.

If you decide to return your BENQ drive due to AML, it’s quite unreasonable since AML is not a quality brand. :confused:

I have tried couple AML and it worked better after I changed the write strategy to other brand with the editing tool. You can try it if you still have many AML disks. :wink:

I am not returning the drive because it can’t read the AML brand discs. I’ve tried 4 different kinds of media and the drive has problems reading all of them after A burn. The issue I’ve described is that the drive just has problems reading ANY discs after just ONE burn until I reboot the whole system, regardless of the media. It can’t even read a commercial movie DVD after the burn! That is unreasonable, given that my old Lite-On didn’t have any problems with these same media. If you think about it, no normal drive should have problems reading discs after a burn, including the one it just burned.

I’ve tried all the hardware config changes that were suggested in here and it still didn’t make a difference. I’v decided not to RMA it anyway. I figured it’s not worth the trouble and money. If I RMA it, I would be without a burner for at least a week before I get another 1620 replacement, and who knows what other issues I might have with that one. I’ve read enough about different problems other people are having with this model in other threads for me to take another chance on it. I’m just going to cut my losses on this one. I would rather use the shipping money I would have had to spend to send it back towards buying another drive. I could probably get a quality drive for about $50 nowadays anyway. I can still use this BenQ as a backup. It’s still usable. Just not in a normal or practical way. It’s been a big disappointment after all the great things I’ve read and heard about this drive before I decided to buy it. And the BenQ customer service experience didn’t help either. :sad:

rma it

Why keep a drive that doesn’t work correctly? I’d RMA it back to Newegg or BENQ. It’s silly to keep a drive that doesn’t read correctly after a burn. :eek: It would only cost you about $10.00 to ship it back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all your suggestions and advice. As I said, I’m not going to pay more money, even if it’s just $10 to ship it back, to take another chance on a BenQ. And I don’t even know if I’m going to get a new one or a refurbished one back. I’ve read enough about other problems people are having with this model as well as the newer 1640 to even mess with BenQ anymore. I guess I’m still one of the lucky ones that mine still burns fine. :slight_smile: I’ll probably look at an NEC or another Lite-On, although I didn’t hear too many positive things about the 16X Lite-On. My 8X Lite-On was great, but I wanted to upgrade to a faster one. That was the reason I went with this BenQ after all the positive things I read. Oh well.

I’ve had some issues with windows not refreshing it’s view of a DVD either after I burned one or ejected & replaced with another.
In DVD Decrypter under Tools-> Settings->Device there’s an option Auto Insert Notification. I checked this & it helped. Worth a try.

The Auto Insert Notification has always been checked. This is not the cause of the problem I’m having. Thanks for the suggestion.