Problem reading ANY discs on 1620 after a burn

I got the OEM version of the BenQ 1620 about a month ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get to installing it and playing with it until about a week ago. Since my first burn, I’ve noticed that it will not read any discs after the burn 95% of the time, including the one it just completed successfully as indicated by Nero, unless I reboot my whole system. Then it’s able to recognize discs again.

The burn itself was fine. It just won’t READ any disc after the burn. It came with the retail version of the firmeware B7U9. I upgraded it to the latest B7V9, but that didn’t make any difference so I flashed the B7U9 version back just to see if it made any difference, and it didn’t. I talked to BenQ customer service and the guy said if it came with the retail version, I should stick with the retail version, so I have not tried flashing the OEM version yet. Because the drive didn’t actually have a “problem” burning the disc, the guy wouldn’t RMA this drive for me and was being a real @$$hole. I asked him how he could consider a user having to REBOOT the system after each burn before he can use the drive again not a probelm, and he just kept insisting that it’s not a drive problem and tried to blame it on my system. That is the worst customer service experience I’ve had so this is my last time buying a BenQ anything. Back to my real problem:

I am running XP Pro. The 1620 is connected as a Master and another CD burner as the slave on the same IDE channel. I did not have this problem when I had my old Lite-On burner connected exactly the same way. All I did was switch the Lite-On out and put this BenQ in. Unfortunately, I can’t reinstall the Lite-On to test because I gave it away already. No software or system config changes other than that.

I have tried several different media and have the same problem. Sometimes, just after RIPPING a DVD with DVD Shrink will render the drive useless to read anything until I reboot my system. The drive can also stop recognizing discs when I switch different media back and forth a few times for it to read. Note that DVD InfoPro and DVD Identifier can read the discs, but Windows cannot. This cannot be normal. Has anyone had this similar problem with this drive??? I’ve heard a lot of great things about it before I bought it and thought I was safe, but I have yet to see that for myself. Any input anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated.

The bright side of all this is that I called Newegg and they are willing to RMA the drive for me, so I have 14 days to ship them the drive. However, I’m guessing that it’s probably going to cost me about $10 just to ship the drive back to them before getting another one back. That’s almost 20% of what it would cost me for a brand new drive nowadays. I’m debating whether I’m better off just spending a little more and just getting an NEC, since I’ve heard great things about NEC. I’m also seeing a lot of people with different problems on this drive too, so I’m not sure if I should even bother getting another 1620.

I apologize for the lengthy explanation. Thanks for your feedback!

I will get a lot of BenQ owners shooting at me but so what.

I would take up Newegg’s offer to RMA as these drives had had a lot of weird problems with failure and what you are describing does not sound at all like a user error. I would try a different 80 wire cable before I send it back but you never should have had that kind of problem with BenQ. They need all the positive press they can get. They must be getting frustrated by all the 1620 problems from users.

I would recommend going with the NEC 3520 as a replacement. See my scans and scores below for my reasoning with my media.

Thanks for the quick reply, Chas. My 30 days for a refund just expired 2 days ago. :sad: I did call on that day, so the RMA was issued right at the 30th day. I wonder if they are willing to give me a refund still. Are you saying that Newegg will let me exchange for a different drive?

Oops. Looks like I posted this in the wrong forum. I will repost this in the BenQ forum. Thanks!

They are able to do different things. Call them and see what your options are. So many of these problem drives have been purchased at Newegg they could go either way. One poster was able to get a different drive and pay the difference. On mine, after 3 weeks and going totally dead, they said they would not touch it and they sent me to BenQ where it took 2 trys to get a working drive (so far).