Problem reading and writing on my LG Drive

Hey all,

I own a LG GSA-416XX (cannot remember the final digits as not at home at the minute) DVD-RAM drive. It has lightscribe if that helps with the identification! It has worked fine for a very long time until a couple of nights ago.

I had backed up a movie of mine but decided not to write it that same night. When i switched my PC on the next day, the drive would not recognize any CD or DVD disc in the drive. The light will flicker as if reading but will stop soon afterwards. The drive is shown in My Computer and device manager states the device is working fine with no little yellow ! icon.

Also, i noticed that when either a CD and DVD is inserted, the name of the drive in My Computer changes from DVD-RAM Drive to CD-ROM,even if a DVD is in there! I can double click the drive but it only opens up like a CD-R type window to drag and drop files for burning.

I don’t understand what the problem could be and has baffled me so hopefully someone could shed some light on this?

Many thanks in advance


Hello Paul and welcome to the forum.

That sounds like a GSA-4166B. This could be a problem with some software driver on your system messing around with your burner, or it could be that the burner itself is faulty. There are two ways to figure out which :

[li]Download BartPE. It’s a bootable CD which starts its own version of windows. Start your system with that and see if it recognises discs again. Try with both CD/DVD (but not DVD movie discs as those sometimes show up as blank in windows explorer). You might need to get a friend with a writer to download and burn this to a CD for you since your writer doesn’t seem to be able to write even CD-Rs right now.
[/li][li]Connect the drive to another system and see if it works there
In both cases, if the drive works, it’s a software problem. If the drive doesn’t work, then it’s faulty I’m afraid.

Thanks for such a quick reply!

I’m home now so will try the program out and post what happens. I opened up the case and checked the IDE cable to check if it was lose but all is well there.

What confuses me is it showing as DVD-RAM drive in My Computer but whenever a CD or DVD goes in, it changes to CD-ROM without me refreshing the window!

I’ll be back to post what happens, thanks again

I cannot use BartPE as my CD version of windows is before service pack 1, the program requires XP with service pack 1 or greater! quite annoying as that would’ve shed some light on this problem!

Any other ideas that i could try?

Thanks in advance


Delete the drive in the Hardware manager and reboot.

Try Joseph5’s suggestion first. It will only take 5min for that, so it is worth it.

If that doesn’t work, here is a solution to your XP SP1 problem :

that is normal behaviour of Windows Explorer.
it’s a bug (a “feature” according to M$).
just ignore it.

Thanks to all the replies!

I will try Josephs suggestion, again, im not home right now but will try it as soon as possible and post back.

Would love to ignore that bug but my whole drive doesnt work! :eek:

Thanks again for your quick responses


The drive being shown as a CD-ROM drive has nothing to do with your problems. Windows does that normally with DVD writers, even when they are working properly. It’s just a red herring. So you can ignore that.

I have never noticed that and i’ve been using computers since windows 95!?! Whenever i’ve placed an audio cd in, it appears as Audio CD within My Computer so that is why this has baffled me!

I uninstalled the drive as you suggested and reinstalled it but no difference. I will soon be trying it in a mates computer but from my knowledge i believe the drive is just faulty, its been owned for about 6 months max but has been used quite a bit backing up all my movies and stuff!! still only about 100 - 200 discs have been burnt with this recorder, surely it should be better than that!?!

Also, i checked the model number and is a GSA-4167B, no lightsribe, just my imagination!

Thanks again for your help


Another thing you can try is to remove the IDE controller of the drive, also in the Hardware Manager.

My tip would be to try the drive in another computer, if you have access to one.

somebody please help!! I had purchased a gsa-4166b and all of a sudden one day it did not work. It is doing the same thing as everybody else it is in windows explorer as a dvd-ram drive and then when i put a dvd-r in it says cd rom drive. I called LG about it and they sent me a new drive that is a gsa-h10l. I put this drive in and the same problem. I ran the bart pe thing and burned it to a disc in my other drive and restarted and it asked me to put a windows xp disc in my A drive and I do not have a A drive. When i ran the bart pe it said that i had 17 warnings. Should i restore my computer to factory or what else can i do. I’ve tried just about everything else.(system restore to an earlier time, uninstall and reinstall the drivers, called HP (not helpful), and replaced all cables.) What should i do?

That is NORMAL.

when i put the dvd-r disc in i can’t access the drive and none of my burning programs recognize the drive

i can though burn onto cdr and cdrw with the drive i can play everything i just can’t burn dvd

If you have already had the drive changed for a different model, changed cables then it looks like a software issue. Something in Windows or your software is messing up the burners ability to burn DVDs.

[li]See if you have a service called ImapiService or imapi.exe running. If so, stop the service and set it to “disabled”. This can interfere with the writer’s ability to burn.
[/li][li]What version of burning software are you using?
[/li][li]What brand/speed/type of blank discs have you tried?
Also, please don’t double post in another thread. It is hard for people to follow an issue in more than one place and it gets confusing.

All of a sudden my LG External Burner (Model number GSA-2164D) is not recognising blank dvd’s or cd’s. Does anyone know what the problem could be? I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the burner but that didnt work.
Looks like it must be a problem with LG burners!!
I’ve just phoned LG, got to phone back Monday though as there systems are down.

I checked in the processes tab and could not find the imapi.exe. I am able to burn using the roxio program with the already installed windows program. I am using sonic MYDVD to convert my avi files and burn them to the dvd-r discs that i have. they are maxwell brand dvd-r discs. the speed it burns is 16x. I am able to burn cd-r discs. it says in explorer tha it is a dvd-ram drive and when i put a dvd-r disc in it says that the drive is inaccessible.I just reinstalled windows this morning and it still did not work. i will try to go out today and try different discs. Thank you for all your help. please let me know if what i should do and i am sorry for double posting i am sorta inpatient.

Ok, those Maxell discs are probably RITEKF1 if the packaging says Made in Taiwan. RITEKF1 isn’t very good media and gives quite a lot of writers problems. I’d recommend that you get hold of some Verbatim 16x (+ or -) discs or some Taiyo Yuden 8x (again + or -) to try instead.