Problem reading a DVD

Hi, I was getting a blue screen crash after looking at or writing to a DVD and then opening the DVD drive, either
manually after completion of writing/finalisation or when the writer sw automatically ejects the DVD afterwards.

Blue screen with the following message:

STOP 0x0000007E (OXC0000005, OX80694F, …)
Hard reboot then required.

(The laptop did not crash when the empty DVD/CD drive was opened.)

All diagnostic checks, including extended memory checks, complete successfully.
Have dropped, recreated partition and reinstalled WinXP SP2 and all other software.
I’m running McAfee, and no viruses, etc are reported.

I deinstalled the Sonic DigitalMedia, MyDVD and Cyberlink PowerDVD sw which came bundled with the laptop and installed CDBurnerXP and FooBar2000.

These seem fine, in that I can read from DVDs created using the above removed sw and write/read DVDs created.

The problem is I cannot see the contents of a DVD which was only partially filled and not ‘made compatible’ using the bundled sw.

I was hoping somebody may be able to help me find some sw which will be able to see the contents a partially filled DVD which has not been finalised.

Alternatively perhaps a recommendation of a better alternative to CDBurnerXP and FooBar2000 ?

Thanks for any help.

You might try ISOBuster for extracting the information on the dvd. It has worked for me in the past with problem disks, but I have not tried it on a non-finalized dvd.

I wouldn’t advise multi-session on dvd media anyway.

Nothing wrong with your current choices on software, but if you just want to try something else, one of the favorite burning programs around here is ImgBurn. It is free to download and use. Look in the ImgBurn Forums for guides to using it.

Thanks for the info.
I’ve been trying to use CDBurnerXP and have managed to lose most of the contents of 2 DVDs because there do not seem to any clear instructions on how to add additional data to a partially written DVD, created using CDBurnerXP.
When I’ve added some files in one session, I ensure that the DVD is not ‘closed’ and then try to add more data.
Both existing and new data is shown in the lower window but when I choose ‘burn’ it states that there is insufficient space.
Hence I’ve tried the ‘Clear’ option, which I assumed cleared the contents from the lower window, before adding the additional files.
When I then burn the DVD, it erases all the data in the previous session.
I can’t find any useful info in the 'online help’
May be I’m missing something but does this shareware sw have the facility to write multiple sessions ?