Problem reading a dvd



Hi, I have problem reading some burned dvd on my panasonic S-35 dvd player.
When I read the dvd, a jumping image of the movie is playing but the sound is OK. I really don’t know by what it is caused. If someone could help me plz.


Does the disc play in a PC o/k and what media did you use? Cheap disc can have problems playing in set top dvd players but not in PC systems.


The dvd I’m trying to play on my dvd player was burned by my friend, and my computer can’t play dvd at all. In fact, I don’t know a thing about the dvd itself, I was looking for a solution on my dvd player. If you have any clues, they will be appreciated.


is it possible the disc wasn’t finalized?


It might be possible, but I don’t think so, because It is the only dvd that doesn’t work correctly on my dvd. All the other dvd that my friend gave me do work.


Most likely it’s a very poorly burned DVD, or your player does not like that particular type media, or both.


cheap media can malfuction in any drive
you should use good disk in the panasonic
you can use the cheap ones to burn a back up in the pc drive
which will mopre likley handle it without error