Problem reading a certain CD-R


I’m having problems reading a CD-R I burned today. I have a LG GCC-4480B (it’s a combo drive) and there were no errors when I burned it. I have tested it in another drive, and there everything works fine! Any other CD works in my drive too, so I have no idea why this is happening, I even burned it twice to check if the problem wasn’t with the CD-R, but both of them have the same problem.

What happens is that I open Windows Explorer to read the CD contents, and then try to open any file in the CD, but the program assigned to open the file ( and Windows Explorer) stops answering and sometimes I get an error saying the file unexists (usually small files).

I have the latest firmware for my drive.

Does anybody know what the problem is?


Scan the media & content with a program like Nero CD DVD Speed for errors/issues.

Result for one of the CD’s:

Scandisk found lots of errors at the end of the CD.

And for the 2nd CD:

But why is this happening? And why can I read the CD with a laptop’s drive (I have tested in a drive from another desktop and it’s not working neither…)? I have tested another CD for the same brand (Benq) that is working, but the results are similar to the first disc (except for scandisk), what’s a C2 error?

And thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

Your only chance is to read it back to hdd using a slow speed or different drive.

That’s not a problem, I still have the contents in my HDD, I just wanted to free some space by burning some stuff!

Ok, what if i burn the contents at a lower speed?
I burned it at 48x…

Should make a difference, depending on the media/burner/firmware combination.

Ok, thanks a lot!