Problem Reading a Burned DVD on a PC?


I had 2 gb of digital pics burned in a cybershop in africa. I live in Canada.

I can read the dvd on a Toshiba DVD for TV, but i cannot read the dvd on my pc (i can also read the dvd on a mini dvd polaroid dvd – but i could not read the dvd on my sony dvd for tv).

Nero, Windows, reads the DVD as being blank with no content – actually contains 2gb of digital pics and quicktime.

I tried all the region free software for pc’s – my PC cannot read the dvd – but the the dvd can be viewed on tv?

We tried several varieties of pc dvd burners at a local electronics shop – no luck reading my dvd disc on any type of pc dvd burner.

So, i can read dvd disc on a tv dvd but not on pc dvd burner? It does not appear to be a region problem.

One tech suggested that maybe the cybershop did not complete the burn properly, and perhaps the table of contents on my dvd disc was not recorded – that may be why the tv dvd shows the pics, but the pc does not read the dvd disc.

I would desparately like to burn a copy of my dvd disc before the original disc is damaged.

Has anyone any knowledge of the problem that i am experiencing, and if so, do you have any suggestions/solutions?

You already describe your problem here. Please continue using your original thread and don’t double post.