Problem reading 1653

First sorry fr my bad english, i’m french.
I have download csoc stock firmware. I have modified this tu have more speed for my media (ricoh r1) with media code speed edit.
But now, my drive read dvd very slowly. When i use dvd shrink, it encode only at 600 k/S.
What can i do?
Please help me.
Thanks you very much

Back flashing to its original bios is recommended i believe as i read on the forums as the Liteon drives are back flashable which is a great feature of theirs…

Ok but is it normal that the speed is slowly with a modified firmware or did i do a bad operation?


go to this site:
download the omnipatcher, download a firmware, run the firmware through omnipatcher, enable tweaks, check all boxes, save the firmware. now apply it. there should be no problem with slow ripping, as it’s now tweaked to 12x. you can also edit the write strategy for your media.