Problem read DVD+R media (sony) with nec-2500a

Hi guys

please help me out , why it can not read dvd+R , my friend did send it as present to me and when i tried it is nothing shows . firmware is 1,07


ok be a bit more specific.

is this burned media that you cannot read or empty media that you burned that cannot be read.
what is the MID code?
where are you looking to see if anything shows?

Hi again

I did not burn this media it came from other country . i attach the information. and it shows the drive zero byte i mean in my computer=>in dvd drive shows cd drive when the media is in . and the media information is also attached.


Hi guys

any Idea please :confused:

it looks to to be either a multisession disk that isn’t finalized or a packet written disc.

ask your friend what software he wrote it with… my guess is incd if that is the case then install incd and see if you can read it…

Dear cnlson

I did install incd but anycd or dvd i tried it doesn’t recognize . if u mean i install incd reader , i did try to download it from nero but is not possible .


any idea?

dear cnlson

he said he wrote (burn) it with nero.

you have a multi session disc. you will need the nero udfreader i am betting

here is more threads(esp post 6) of info on multi session and here is what a normally burned data dvd will look like and the second is a dvd-video:
notice there is no free space… that is because this is a finalized disc