Problem Please Some Advise

I use DVD Decrypter and dvd shrink to rip and burn along with nero 6 burning rom Ultra but, all the dvd’s back up’s wont play on my panasonic dvd player I own all the one’s I make back up’s on, they play on one of my dvd players but not on the other, my other dvd player is an off brand. I use DVD - R which is said to be the most compatibale one and I’ve tried using DVD + R but still no luck with panasonic. The blanks I use are GQ Great Quality DVD’s 4.7GB 8X. My burner is EMPREX RW DVD Burner.

Some standalone players are very picky about media. The most compatible option for players is a +R media burned with booktype ROM; in such way the player see the disc as a ROM, and should play it without problems.

I don’t know if your burner is able to set booktype in ROM. To see what media like to your panasonic player take a look at this site; here there are many users sharing their experiences about dvd players. Find your model and see what media like it.

ok I’ll try it out thanks for the help I was wondering if any one played halo 2 on this site

Try to do a search. Otherwise you can start a new thread asking for it on living room