Problem! Please Help =(

Guys, I need your help. I’ve been burning DVD-Rs for a couple of months now. Been using Decrypter (file mode), then Shrink, then Nero. I have a Pioneer burner and a Pioneer player. Always Verbatim media, always 4x burning. Everything worked great.
But one day I started getting CANNOT BE PLAYED in the player. I had to throw away like 6 dvd-rs.
So I changed the process. I started Decrypter (iso read), then Shrink, then Decrypter again (iso write). It worked for a couple of days until today I got CANNOT BE PLAYED again. Two times in a row.
Maybe a bad spindle?

Today I noticed something strange. After burning the dvd with decrypter (not having ejected the disc yet), I opened dvdinfo pro, and everything was ok! I then put the disc on the player and…CANNOT BE PLAYED. Then I took it back to the computer, and it was unreadable.

I really don’t know what the hell is going on.

Check the media code of the disc (DVD Identifier) and please post the result. And try to use AnyDVD with CloneDVD2, just to see the result (

One additional thought – at this point, I suggest you try everything you can to NARROW the problem to its source (bad media? multi-tasking? use of labels? etc.) One thing you should definitely try is to take some of those backups to a second or third DVD (regular) DVD player is finally going bad, and causing discs to not be recognized. A friend of mine just went through this, and it took him three weeks to realize it. Burned discs tend to “error out” sooner when your player starts to go bad, since they are merely imaginary pits embedded in dye.

You should, of course, also check and double check the “golden rules of burning,” to see if you are making some simple errors during this part of the process.


MCC 02RG20.
Made in Taiwan.

Change the mediem, please and try the software I have suggested earlier. When burning, do it at a lower speed or at least at the certified speed of the medium (can be set in CloneDVD2).

Good luck.

I just burned a movie. I tried it on the player. Worked GREAT. Then I burned ANOTHER copy (from the same ISO), and I get the CANNOT BE PLAYED.
The strange thing is when ImgBurn finished burning, I tried the DVD on the computer. It worked ok. Then i took it to the player and get the CANNOT BE PLAYED. I take it back to the computer and now it’s unreadable. WTF!!!

Did you install iTunes recently?

No, I haven’t.

Ok, that eliminates that.

Are these +R or -R Verbs/ what speed rating?

Single layer or Dual layer?

What brand and model of burner are you using?

What speed did you set your backup software to burn the disk at? Your first post indicated 4X but I wasn’t sure that you might not be talking about the rated speed of the Verbs.

What model pioneer player are you using?

This sounds a little bit (guessing) like it could possibly be dirty laser-lens symtoms in either your player, burner or both. Several polutants like cigarette smoke, normal-household kitchen airborn cooking fats and light oven baking & burnt toast smoke that get into the air, and just plain old daily dust in the air can cause a laser-lens to function poorly, then not at all after a while.

Have you cleaned your laser heads by using a wet-brush system dvd cleaner disk on your burner and player lately?

Just taking a few cracks at the problem. As alex thyl above said, this may just be a media/burner/player compatibility issue which could be solved by buying maybe Sony instead of Verbs. Believe me when I say it, the packaging on the media spindle can look just like the last batch you bought but the manufacturing specs have changed because a brand name switches suppliers. But Verbs have such a good media reliability reputation that I have this suggestion at the bottom of this list of check-outs.


Well, I exchanged it…
Haven’t burned anything yet…


The new burner STILL cannot read most of the burned dvds (which play perfectly on the player!!!)


I agree with changin the media brand, maybe some Taiyo Yuden, if you say new burner so i don’t think the laser shouldn’t be too much dirty. It could be that you have a bad batch.