Problem please help



Hello guys, been searching through the forums for quite some time and seem not to be able to find the source of this problem.

I have a NU-Tech DDW-082 drive. At one point I was able to burn DVDs fine, only for a few weeks, but now the Communication Failure error is back, and it seems to never go away.

I have check my IDE channels, primary is where my hard drive is, and it is Ultra DMA Mode 5. My Secondary is my DVD-Burner drive, and it is Ultra DMA Mode 2.
I was just wondering if because the modes are different, that this is causing the Communication Failure error, and if so, how do I change it so there both either Mode 2 or 5. I have no idea how to make the Modes the same for both the Primary and Secondary IDE channels. If this is not the case and its caused by something else, please let me know as well. :slight_smile:


Hey Shimlu…

Your DMA settings are fine. I’ve never seen them the same EVER!! What device is giving you the error message? I would first install a new IDE cable.


I would also post more about your rig as well as what progy you are using to burn dvd’s with.

I agree with Sportfish you DMA settings look fine.

Communication error could be several different things. Do you have some kind of error log?

When does the erroe happen during the encoding process or the burning process? Are you using seperate drive to read from and to write to?