Problem, Please help if you can

I’ve been making 2 disk sets with DVDFab, the lastest beta 2
version, and everything has been going fine except…

Every time I try to fast forward, it will fast forward as long
as I continously do it, but when I stop or hit play it goes
back to the begining of the chapter…

Here is my general procedure:

Rip with DVD Decoder, save everything, turn into 2 dvds on
DVD fab, Burn on Nero 6.

I greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me…

Thanks all!


I got a few suggestions for ya:

  1. Why 2 DVD’S? Have you ever heard of DVD Shrink or Nero Recode?

  2. DVDFab. What in the hell is that? Some kind of soup?! hehehe…

  3. The following is all you need:

a. DVD Decrypter
b. Nero Vision(Nero Recode included)
c. Nero Burning Rom

Look for tutorials regarding the above i.e.

Have fun making decent movies.

I had the same problem when I used the trial version. The first disk works fine. I can’t fast forward on the second disk w/o it going back to the beginning of the chapter. I emailed dvdfab support and got no reply. So it doesn’t look like I’ll be buying anything from them. I’m curious if you are attempting to play it in a sony standalone dvd player. I have two sony players that the issue occurs on. However, I can fast forward with it in my dvd-rom drive without problems.