Problem pleaase help

I use anydvd and clone dvd to copy my dvd’s and lately when i plaay them to check the quality they pause a lot, a bit like jumpy.i use dvd- princo disc’s.When i started out i was using dvd+ disc’s and the quaality was real jumpy so i changed to dvd- and it was going good for about 5 movies and the rest they are pausing a lot that you can’t be bothered to watch them.can anyone help would you know what the problem would be??
sometimes when i am using clone dvd that % thing is not always 100% it’s sometimes 48% 60% not aalways 100%.
what would you recommend???

First, I recommend you unstick your repeat key.

Second, I recommend binning the Princos and replacing them with Riteks. You should be fiiiine theeen.


make sure both softwares are legally bought and as already mentioned, change your media…

Simple fact, cheap media aren’t reliable!!! Buy yourself some good quality media and in the long run it will be cheaper and you’ll get the results you want.