Problem playing vso dvd on ps2

Before, I was using divxtodvd to make episodic dvds and everything worked great on my ps2
Now i’ve switched to convertxtodvd (v and everything seems to be fine in the begining, the menu works great, but when i start an episode it is unwachable. It starts playing, but it stops every second. It plays for a second, then stops for a split second, then plays another second, then stops for a split second and so on…
It works fine on my compuer, no stops or anything, but on the ps2 i get this problem. I haven’t tried it on a dvd player as i don’t own one :slight_smile:

Any suggestions?

Hi there,

PS2 are real picky I have read.

Most people who has success use quality media like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and burn slow

x2.0 or x4.0 MAX !

It’s what I have read, good luck !

On the contrary, ALL of the dvds i’ve made in the past have worked perfectly on my ps2 as opposed to some stand alone dvd players i’ve tried.Llike i said, everything worked great before. I haven’t had 1 bad dvd up untill upgrading to convertxtodvd
The reason i want to use convertxtodvd is because it makes the size smaller and i can fir more episodes on one disc.