Problem playing tombraider 4



I’ve copied tombraider 4 but everytime i’m playing the game it suddenly quits me to windows. So when i’ve reached a certain point in the game it throws me out to windows without saving. I have this problem with de original cd and de copied cd. Does anybody knows what the problem is???


At which point in the game?


Mostly when i’m under water and i try to come to the watersurface. Everytime when i come above water it happens, but it also happens at some other points.


Sorry, I didn’t have that problem, maybe it has something to do your other windows applications.


Yeh, i think it’s my 3D video card, i’ve had some more problems with it. But anyway, thanks!


I had the same problem, but there’s an official patch for it.
My problem was my soundcard(soundblaster pci 128)
But after the update everything was fine.

The only problem when you use the patch is that you can’t use your saved files anymore so you have to start over again.


Does anybody else have a good working patch for this problem???


maybe dissable your screensaver or otherprograms like your virusscanner.



Did you guys get the FMV to work with a copy?

If so how, help!

I think it might be because these files are missing


If so can one of you guys or someone e-mail me with em