Problem playing some CD-R in car deck

First, my car CD player can play CD-R but for a certain disc, it just searching for the track forever.
I have one CD-R disc that it can’t even find the first track. Then I use another brands to do “copy disc” and another one with “audio cd” dragging. However, It can find the first track and continue to play track after track as long as I don’t skip the track. All my home CD/DVD player at home has no problem with the same disc
I am using nero, disc are: TDK audio, HP.

Verbatim Pastels & Super AZO burned at 16x would probably get over this problem for you.
It shouldn’t be necessary to pay the extra for Audio CD disks, I’ve certainly not found it a benefit.

This might also be the result of some very underhanded copy protection. I have found with some discs I have backed up to use in the car that tracks mysteriously have been “welded” together and the player is not able to identify the track breaks. Seems to be a new anti-copying strategy. I might be wrong here and if so, I hope a more technically-minded member might comment.