Problem playing orig dvd and vcds on pioneer dvr

I have a Pioneer Dvr 645H. I remember being able to play original VCDs and DVDs of movies on it when I first bought it. For the past several weeks, I’ve only been using it to record TV shows in the HDD. Now I want to play VCDs and DVDs of movies bought straight from stores but I keep getting the error message “incompatible or unreadable disc”. I tried loading the VCD and DVD discs in both HDD and DVD modes but got the same message. However, there’s no error message when I load the player with blank DVD-R’s. It’s really frustrating! I can’t understand how it can’t function as a regular DVD/VCD player! Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

I searched this and other forums and “unreadable disc” errors others got were from loading DVD-R’s on the players. Note that my problem is with loading the player with orig DVDs or VCDs of, say, Harry Potter, bought from video stores.


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Hmmm… yes that’s really strange. I’ll transfer this to the Pioneer section of DVD Recorder & Home Entertainment, where you might get more specialist help.

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