Problem playing homemade DVD's on different DVD players

I’ve been converting all my miniDV tapes to DVD using Windows Movie maker to extract to harddrive and NeroVision express 2 to burn to DVD. I’m burning on SONY MIJ DVD-R’s and the quality overall is pretty acceptable I guess.

ANYWAY, my problem is that when I have made a DVD and I go to play it in my SANYO Dvd player, the disks either are glitchy or just won’t play at all. IF I play in my XBOX or my computer or my parents generic $20 dvd player, then no problems. IS the problem in my SANYO or my disks or my burning process??? ANY help at all is greatly appreciated. My 200Gig harddrive is almost full of .avi video files that I have burned to DVD and I’m hesitant to delete any before I make sure that these DVD’s that I have burned will still be able to play 10 yrs down the road.


If the discs play OK on other players, and your XBox, and the Sanyo is the only one having problems…I’d be inclined to say the Sanyo is a picky player, and the discs are fine. If anything, I’d have thought the XBox would have the problem.

However, I have no experience of MovieMaker or Vision Express, so I’d wait for another opinion before you hit the Delete button. :slight_smile: