Problem playing games from alcohol image file

I have an old game called star wars rebellion that I play every so often. I noticed that it was getting scratched and made a back up copy using alcohol 120. I burned it to cd and can play from the backup. However, I wanted to play from the image file using a virtual drive. I mount the image to the virtual drive and the normal screen comes up with the re-install, un-install, or play options. I go to play the game and get the following messages… 1 is “the cd-rom could not be found, please check the drive. If problem persists, please re-install from original cd.”. The 2nd message is: “there is no disk in drive. Please insert disk into (drive letter)”, drive I in my case. I have tried using acid to cloak and also tried SR7.stop to hide the virtual drive. I have 2 drives- 1 is a liteOn dvd-rom and the 2nd is an LG dvd-writer. I am fairly new to using images, so any help will be appreciated. thanks.