Problem Playing DVDs

I searched around and couldnt find an answer to my problem. I use to copy the whole disc with menus and extras. Lately I have just been doing a re-author of the disc. I am able to play these on my dvd player and computer with no problem. I am even able to play them on a PS2 which seems to be very picky on things. The problem is with a family members player. It is a Toshiba SD-3950. I have never had a problem playing anything in this. It will usually play things that I cannot play or use on the computer or anything else that I have. For some reason it will not play the discs that are re-authored. It actually would play one which was AVP. All the others would just sit in there and say loading. It would come on with the dvd icon on the screen, but wont play. The other movies with menus are working fine so I know that its not the player and the re-authored ones still work fine in my stuff so its not the discs. The player actually gets locked up and you cant even open it up. You have to manually shut it off then open it to get the disc out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I dont know if this player is just picky about this one certain thing or not. I didnt think that there was any difference with copying in this mode. By the way the media is all the same and was done with the same burner. So there is no difference between the ones that work and dont except for the re-author.

You can try quality made in Japan media, but I don’t think it will help. Try Nero Recode, Shrink, or CloneDVD.

i have good quality media and use nero and shrink. Why would you think you can play any format but re-author in it.

Could a buggy installation. Try other burn program.