Problem playing DVD's or V-CD's made on my PC

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DIGA DMR-EX77EB-S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]When I try to play DVD’s or V-CD’s made on my PC on my Panasonic DMR-EX77EB DVD recorder, there is digital picture break up, track skippng and eventually it goes into STOP mode. DVD’s recorded on the Panasonic DVD recorder play back perfectly.

The DVD’s I make on my PC are from edited camcorder footage and are recorded either on DVD-R’s or DVD+R’s.

Has anybody else experienced this same problem?

What speed are your suspect DVDs and CDs rated at?

Also, are you burning them on your PC’s burner at too fast or too slow of a speed for the quality of the media?

I am creating my DVD’s with Pinnacle Studio Plus Version 11.1 and using the “Make Movie” facility within the programme.

The Video Quality is set at BEST QUALITY. The other options are Automatic Quality, Most Video on Disc and Custom. The Write Speed is set at AUTO. The other options are Low, Medium and High.

I know that these DVD’s will play back OK on a cheap stand alone DVD player.

[QUOTE=panman;2165340]The Write Speed is set at AUTO. The other options are Low, Medium and High.[/QUOTE]

This is the problem. The AUTO setting always writes at the fastest speed that your computer DVD writer’s firmware allows for your particular media’s code. With many newer DVD writers and the known “good” media codes, the AUTO setting always picks 20x or even 22x for certain DVD media codes or 48x for CD-R media codes no matter what - and these media doesn’t always get written well at such high speeds. These ultra-high-speed-written DVD’s will likely have trouble playing back properly or at all on even good DVD players.