Problem Playing DVD's on PC

I’m having a problem playing DVD’s on my PC. First they played normally, but one day I inserted a DVD, and opened windows media player…I got this error: “Windows Media Player Cannot play this DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer.” Then I tried Power DVD and got this one : “Error Code: 80004002
No such interface supported”

Appreciate any help! …Thanks!!!

No idea about PowerDVD, but mp requires a suitable mpeg2 codec.

i think that error code is for divx. try using a divx player.

Why could this have happend, if all Movies played fine on both, media player & power DVD…and suddenly this error message?? No Playback. :confused:

Is this a commercially pressed (store bought) DVD?
Is it a dvd that you burned?
Is it a dvd that someone gave you?

The message fist popped out when trying to play a pressed DVD, and now it doesn’t play pressed or burned DVD’s at all. There was nothing done to the computer before the problem…no sofware, hardware or anything else installed. Just not playing DVD’s.

Somehow something on your pc has changed or corrupted. Can you restore to back when it was working correctly?

Do you think system restore could bring Media Player back to life?

No a system restore won’t do anything for you.

Windows Media Player doesn’t play commercial DVD’s by itself. You need a playback codec, as [B][I]chef[/I][/B] suggested.

There are many codecs available, I would suggest doing a search. This topic has been discussed numerous times here and at other message boards.

Window Media Error 80004002

Why do I receive “No such interface supported” (80004002)?
This error usually occurs for the reasons described in the previous question.

Previous question

Why do I receive “Class not registered” (80040154)?

You may be able to eliminate this error by downloading and installing the latest Microsoft DirectX application programming interface. Multimedia applications, including Windows Media Player, rely on DirectX technologies to improve performance when playing digital media files. Therefore, it is always a good idea to install the latest version of DirectX for your operating system. For more information, see the Microsoft DirectX Home page.

If you get this error message when playing AVI files, it is possible that a problem exists with the codec that was used to create the file. For more information about finding codecs, see Top Questions about Codecs in Windows Media Player.

If you get this error while trying to play MPEG-2 or DVD video, you may need to install (or reinstall) DVD decoder software. For more information, see DVD Decoder Plug-ins.

DvD decoder plug-ins

Uninstall and reinstall PowerDvD

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