Problem playing DVDs on BTC DVDRW IDE H16x

i have bought this :a DVDRW IDE H16X and have had it installed for a couple of months
my only problem is that it will not play some dvd’s i.e. 2fst2furious
these r store bought dvds brand new
:bow: any help would b greatly appreciated thanx

why no help do i smell lol

You haven’t given us much information to go on, particularly why you think it’s the burner and not something else.

What DVD playback software have you tried…?

i personally think it’s the burner because some films will play but as i said others don’t
As for viewing software i have tried wmp,vlc,powerdvd (but that only gives me colours and shapes) and numerous others
i have xp installed and was told roxio might be conflicting but i have no problems when burning dvd’s,only watching some
btw i am in region 2 and they r region 2 discs

will your 2 fast 2 furious dvd play correctly in your standalone dvd player?

will it play correctly in a different computer dvd drive?

do you have the latest firmware for your BTC DVD drive?

the firmware is B22P and yes 2f2f works everyware else except my burner its

is that the exact model number of your drive? the reason i ask is i can’t find any reference to that particular drive on the internet…

that firmware looks like it’s a firmware version for the DRW 2016IM. can you confirm this? or i wonder if it’s a coincidence that they have same firmware version numbers…

either way i’m stumped i guess

maybe this should be moved to the BTC/Emprex forum if no responses are found here? Someone there might have experience with that particular drive.

DRW 2016IM yes i think that is my drive model if this helps it was bought from maplins about 4 months ago is there any way i can find the exct model on my pc

yes that is definitely my drive i have just removed it to make sure and its
staring me in the face plain as day

Couple easy ways:

  1. Navigate to device manager it will display both your burner and firmware. See attached image below.
  2. Use Nero CD-DVD Speed


Oops, guess I was creating an image when you were posting…


that is how i came up with it originally so i thought i would go back to basics ad rip the thing out and check model pmsl
go medieval on it lol
if it aint broke,hit it till it is

so,any ideas???burning dvd’s isn’t a problem its just watching some of them
I also tried some older dvds i.e. sister act 1&2 (not mine!!!) but i cant watch them either
the only thing tha happens is the drive spins up,grates a little and when i check on “my computer” it says insert disc

Can you test the drive in a different computer? Also, which firmware version was installed before you upgraded to B22P

@ herbei i cant remember but as i bought it new it was wat ever was b4 i updated it sorry i couldn’t help more

@herbei just checked and it was B02K
this was the firmware it had installed when it came out of the box
and in answer to ure first question no i dont have another p.c to try it in

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: so any ideas as to why it wont play some dvd’s but will play others i really need to b able to watch and backup the discs

plz help me its driving me mad