Problem playing dvds in dvd player



I’ve been messing around trying to burn movie’s, but no matter what I do the movies still lag in the middle of player for about a sec or so.

Using Ripit4me,dvd decrypter,dvd shrink and FixVTS 1.603,

MEDIA : hp dvd-r 16x

Please help




It looks like layer brake problem. Are you using single or dual layer DVD’s to burn?
If you are using single layer it could be DVD shrink since that is only software in the bunch which will compress your file.
I use DVD rebuilder for compression and no problem. Otherwise same setup as yours.
Shrink was number one and still god, but old and no more updates.


What is layer break, and what should I do to fix this problem.


Sorry, I’m using single layer


Hi Frankie

What burning software are you using to do the burn with :confused:
FixVTS removes the Layer Breaks which is good if you are using a DVD-5 disc
if the software that you are using allows you to set the burn speed then slow the burn speed down maybe around 8x or even 4x you will see a big difference
and it will really not take that much longer to burn.
For good tips on burning read the thread below in my signature called the “BURNING FACTOR” burner max speeds are used for witing DATA

Tim :bigsmile:


I’m Using dvd dvd shrink, I can’t seem to find were to change the speed setting in dvd shrink.


I’m Using dvd dvd shrink, I can’t seem to find were to change the speed setting in dvd shrink. My mistake


DVD Shrink does not have a setting option to change the write speed you could try something like DVDFab Gold that will let you choose the write speed it also will compresses the movie like DVD Shrink to fit on a DVD-5 disc.
You can find it on (not free though) BUT does have a 30 day trial so you can see if you like it.



Thanks I will give it a try, If not mybe it’s the media I’m using?



Even bad media can give a good burns (back up) but you are better off using good media also when doing a back up don’t have any programs runing in the background you will have less bad burns(Coasters)

PS if and when you do try DVDFab Gold open commen settings to change the write speed


Thanks again for the info.
Found the setting in dvd shrink

Till next time,


Is there any free apps. that will do a better job of converting avi to dvd then dvdsanta, Please help dvdsanta freezes 20% of the time.

Any help would be great,