Problem playing dvd



i just started to try to burn dvds yesterday i use anydvd and clonedvd. i tried to burn a copy protected dvd … clond dvd said it successfully created the dvd and everything but when i try to play on my dvd player it says no disc and it wouldnt play in my computer either i dont no what i am doing wrong… could my dvd players just be incapable of playing the burnt dvds??? i am lost please help


Some dvd players like +r media and some like -r. Also depends on what media you are using. To get great results everytime, use Verbatim (mcc03 or mcc04), or Taiyo Yuden, use +r dvd’s, and bitset to -rom. If you can’t do that, research your dvd player, and find out what type of media it likes. The very cheapest media that I would recommend, would be Branded Ritek G05’s, from a reputable dealer, and even then, results can vary.


i cant believe you recommended those , havnt you seen the threads about em in the blank media forum? horrible medias


To be fair to Harley the latest Ridisc Extreme G05s don’t appear to be at all bad. The burn quality I get from my LG4163B with the A105 firmware is very acceptable. We’ll see what they’re like in 3 months or so.