Problem playing DL DVD+R on Zenith DVB318

I borrowed a dual layer dvd from my friend and wanted to watch it but when I put the dvd in my zenith dvb318, it just gave me a blank screen and didn’t do anything else. I couldn’t press menu or anything and when i pressed the eject button, that didn’t work either. All other buttons on the player didn’t work either (dvd player seemed to freeze), I had to disconnect the power and reconnect it just to get the dvd out. I tried playing other dvds and dvdrs and they worked fine but the dual layer dvd+r didn’t work and had the same problems. The DVD is a verbatim dvd+r DL. I played the same dvd on another dvd player in my house and it worked fine. Any solutions? Thanks in advance.

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It could be that DL discs need to be bitset to DVD-ROM before they’ll play on your Zenith, whereas your other player is less finicky. Some players don’t play too well with DL media, and the way to make the discs more compatible with those players is to set them to DVD-ROM when you burn them (through your burning software).

Thanks have been checking out the forum for a couple of weeks and decided to join today to see if some experts can help me. How can you set them to DVD-ROM. As for burning, I use Nero or DVD Decrypter to burn DVD’s and if i’m not mistaken I believe he made that DVD using dvd decrypter.