Problem Playing Discs - Expert Help Needed!



:bow: I have recently changed my PC. My old PC had 2 NEC 3500 burners. Back ups from these burners would play on any stand alone dvd, inlcluding my young daughters elderly Samsung Player. However, since I have changed my PC (now using a Philips DVDR1648 P1 burner) the back ups have become very choosy on which stand alone player they play on. I use mainly - R media and have tried Sony, Ritek and Verbatum. Mostly the back ups will play ok on my newer Sony player, however on other older players they will jump, freeze or not play at all - something I am finding very annoying considering my previous success. Would appreciate an experts view? Is it likely to be the burner?? I have already changed the burner once - previously had a SONY DVD RW DW-Q30A (this was even worse). You canโ€™t get hold of the 3500 anymore - was thinking of going for the NEC 3550? Please help! Happy to supply further info if needed. I always use the latest versions of Clone DVD and AnyDVD


Usually these problems are due to a media issue. Ritek are low quality media. Can you find some ripetitive behaviour? I mean can you see what media give you playback problems? Are they only ritek or also verbatim give problems?

If playback problems are present only with a specific media, then the cause is a bad media.


I have always used Ritek without any problems. Sony discs cause the same problems. I am just in the process of trying Verbatim. I was convinced the problem was somehow linked to the burner. I have no problems playing on newer players, it tends to be older players. I had previously backing up for a couple of years with a 95% success rate.


Probably your NEC was able to burn very well these media, but newer burners are more picky.

Another way to improve compatibility with standalones is to burn +R media setting booktype in ROM. You can change booktype with ImgBurn or with cd-dvd speed.


Iโ€™d go with what geno says above.

I always booktype, using DVD Decrypter!