Problem playing Columbia DVd Films on 5045

Hi, does anyone else have a problem playing DVD’s released by Columbia Pictures (they are usually coloured discs). I can play all the preview stuff and the ads :frowning: but when it gets to the start of the film, my Liteon 5045 just locks up and the screen goes black. I have tried a number of new films released by Columbia from my local DVD rental store all with the same result?

Also does anyone know how to change the default recording mode from 2 hours to 4 hours (playback quality) so that when I record by pressing the red button on the remote rather than setting up using the navigator it auto defaults to the 4 hour mode.


What firmware is it. Pre 197 firmware had problems with Arcoss protected DVD’s from Columbia.

Have a look at this thread at this Liteon 5045 forum. Also, search the forum on how to upgrade the firmware.

What DVD’s are they?