Problem playing burned media

Hi all, hoping somebody can help me this one, and hope I’m not re-hashing old threads…but I did not find this actually using search…:slight_smile:

I’ve been ripping audio cd’s for quite awhile now…for the most part to mp3 via Audio catalyst. Recompiling with Roxio to make a custom audio cd that plays fine on my set top cd player and in my in dash cd-player in my car.

Here’s my problem…was gifted an older Pioneer cd changer for my car, and it’s great with pressed media…but for the life of me…cannot seem to get it to play any burned disc as yet. I’ve heard others have this problem as well,any idea?

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cannot seem to get it to play any burned disc as yet.
Hi ZigZagMan.

Any burnt disc including TY or 74’ stuff, you mean ? What burner do you burn with ?

Can’t say I’ve tried premium TY media in it yet, but have tried 74 min discs thinking maybe the drive was old enough to have a problem with the 80 min discs. That did not help.

Burner is a Philips CDRW2412A. I realize it’s not a sheep burner by any means, but for music cd’s and general data back-up…It’s usually given me good results.

For recording, I had been using Roxio 5 Platinum, but later migrated to Nero Burning rom 5+. Both produced discs that play just fine on my older (6+ years old) Kenwood set top 6 disc changer even using 80 min discs. I have on occasion ran into a lost track or two in a friends “in dash” cd player, but usually wrote that off to the fact that the disc was pretty abused by that time…:slight_smile:

2 things I have not tried yet since I started learning here is…

  1. Try reducing the burn speed, see if that makes a difference starting on 74’s

  2. Try recording on a disk with the “audio signiture”, see if maybe that pioneer rejects generic burned media and looks for that thumbprint.

The drive seeks the disk, but reports no disc inserted so it seems it’s looking for something.

Any ideas??? :slight_smile: :bow:

Hi ZigZagMan !

Well, as it seems to me, there’s not much you can do about it.
here’s what’s crucial here :

  1. Media. Some car CD players have a problem playing CDRs. The best way to avoid this problem is to use quality media like TY and Mitsui.
  2. Audio format. There should be burnt strictly .WAVs onto CDRs.
  3. Recording speed. Pls try burning your media @ CLV - 4x-16x. That’s what I always do when it comes to audio and the stuff is always playable wherever I put it in.

For audio I use Yamaha’s [COLOR=blue]Audio Master Mode (which is 7x CLV) and Feurio!® (less often PlexTools)

Also :[/COLOR]

Why can’t I play my CD-R in car stereo?

Media compatibility—Not all brands of CD-R players get are compatible with all brands of CD-R media. You need to find a combination of rewrite, media and player that work together.

Reflectivity problems—The reflectivity of CD-R discs falls within a broad range, but some CD-ROM drives and CD audio players (especially older ones) were calibrated to read factory-pressed (silver) discs only, which occupy a narrow part of this range of reflectivity. Try the CD-R in different players to determine if it is a problem related to the recording or the player. If the CD-R doesn’t work in another player, try recording with a different brand of CD rewriter or at a different speed to improve readability.

Seeking problems—Sometimes the CD player will have no problem playing the tracks, but will have a great deal of difficulty seeking tracks or fast-forwarding. Try the CD-R in different players to determine if it is a problem related to the recording or the player.

Speed problems—Some media works better written at 1x, 2x, or 4x than it does at other speeds. You may find that slowing down or speeding up the recorder helps.

also try cd-RW besides the above mentioned advise

If you can get hold of some old Verbatim CD-R with a dark blue recording side (MetalAZO I think), that may help. Some picky players like the dark recording side of this media.

Problems with cdr media audio playback