Problem playing burned Dvds

I just recently refomated my computer and now I can not play any of the burned DVDs I in my DVD drive. Before I reformatted they played just fine. I can play orignal Dvds but none of the burned ones. I have a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-160D and i have updated the firmware version and it seems the microsoft drivers I am using are also up to date. Are there some codex or certian programs I need to be able to play burned disc … I dont remember having to install anything extra the last time I reformated. Any help would be much apperciated.

I can play orignal Dvds but none of the burned ones.

Mh, that would not make sense to me.
Maybe you could try with vlc tool.

I have tried Vlc tool. Its like all of the burned DVDs arent even there :frowning:

Uninstall the ide channels in devicemanager, then restart.

Avoid using software like InCD, DLA, alcohol etc.

… and make sure the DVDs were finalised.

I use CloneDVD along with AnyDVD to make copies of DVD and they will play in some DVD player but not others. It doesn’t matter what speed I burn them at and I’ve also tried using various blank DVD manufacturers. None of the Burned DVD’s seem to work on the Xbox 360 or Sony play station. Has anyone else run into this problem. Thanks