Problem playing backup

At last I´m able to do backups! When my friends want to watch a movie I´m of course givin them a backup!
All of my backup:s are playing OK in my equipment, but in my friends standalone DVD:s the first half is OK, but the second half is is jerky and pixelly (is that a word?).
Thoughts? Experience?

My guess would be it’s either your media or your friends standalone is choosy about dvdr’s.

You haven’t said what media you are using, but try a good Ritek disk, as these are more compatible than others, with a wide range of standalones.

I have a Toshiba sd5002 dvd burner and I use DVD Decryptor to copy the original to my hard drive.

I then use dvd2one to convert the layer 2 disc(usally just the movie and one audio channel) to another directory on my hard disc.

I then use Nero to burn the movie at 1x to an optodisc dvd-r

I play back the ENTIRE movie in my DVDPLAYER on my computer and it works perfect.

I play it back in my Toshiba sd3800 standalone dvd player and it skips for a milisecond every once and awhile

anyone else using this combo have better luck with Verbatim DvD-r ?

I have Toshiba SD-4800 and very rarely it skips in the sound for a fraction of a second…if i rewind and repass the same section it’s OK… The Toshiba players seems “finicky” a bit with DVD-R sometimes… I use RecordNow Max instead of Nero…and Princo DVD-R and 99% of the time everything is perfect…only problems found are TWO WEEKS NOTICE (about 20+ freezes for half a second), TARZAN (skip on the lightning at the beginning) and those sound skips very rarely happening… these problems don’t occur on any of my dvd-rom and/or other readers (Norcent and Yamaha).

As stated above I have been using the following

toshiba sd-r5002
dvd decyptor
optodisc dvd-r 1x media (50 dvd’s for 92.00 canadian)
NERO to burn
toshiba sd-3800 standalone player to play

Now I took the optodisc backups I made and copied the files back over to the hard drive.

Then stuck in a Verbatim Dvd-r x2 disc and burned the exact data that was on the optodisc media (the media that pauses in my Toshiba sd 3800 standalone)

I have done this with 3 discs so far and I have watched the entire movie NO SKIPS / PAUSING!

I must say the optodiscs are fine for computer use but the TOSHIBA SD-3800 doesnt like them.

now on to the task of re-burning the remaining 16 optodisc’S


@ dintek

I reckon you will find that Riteks will work as well if you reburn to them. Also may be a bit cheaper than Verbs.

Problems with TWO WEEKS NOTICE and TARZAN and rare skipping in sound completely disappeared with the purchase of the new JVC XV-N40BK. This is a fantastic progressive scan dvd player, which has also the automatic scaling for non-anamorphic movies. The picture is top notch. No more problems with this one… It’s lightning fast in navigating in menus and very cheap…I paid 179.00$ canadian. It can also play SuperVCD for those who want that. I’m selling the Toshiba SD-4800…