Problem Pioneer 111D or Problem user?

Hi all, long time reader first time writer, but it seems I’ve come to a dead end. My Pioneer DVD 111D has decided to go from great reading 5-6min to 30min.

I had a problem were the player was on its last chance to change from region 1 back to my region 4 and it wouldn’t change for the last time. So I flashed it, that’s were the problems started. :doh: I used: DVR111D_FW123EU, 111D_825, in fact I’m pretty sure I’ve used every thing I could. Now even the factory flash wont recognise the drive. :o

It still working but very, very slow, like I said 30 minuets to read with shrink, can some body help……please!!! :bow:

1st, check DMA status, make sure it is in UDMA 4 (or at least 2) then consider flashing a RPC1 fw - TDB 111L 8.26 works great.

OK, so are you talking about ripping/encoding with Shink with no compression (?), or are you compressing, which, of course will slow you WAY down.

As far as trying to re-use the factory flash, I don’t think you can… other members will know better, or a work-around to get back.

Thanks guys for your feed back :bigsmile: , the computer shut down on me for the first time so I let it rest for a bit. MacClipper unfortunately you are talking a bit above me, where is the DMA setting set? I can follow instructions if you can tell me. :confused:

Thanks paperbender, even with slight compression I could still rip under 10minuets. Now with the same compression its taking 30min. :confused:

Here’s a link on how to enable DMA:

Thanks DVD_ADDICT, I’ll try that link!! :bigsmile:

The DMA settings seem to be set correct, device 0 is set for mode 4 but device 1 says not available? Is this right? :confused:

Hi. No, to me it doesnt sound right. If device 0 is your harddrive, then UDMA4 is fine but it leaves your drive in PIO mode, which sucks big time.
Can u tell us what HDDs and burners are connected and HOW (masters/slaves)

Thanks FidelC
HHd=200gig ST3200826A Segate set for cable select DVD pioneer 111d not sure of setting but the pins to the far right are selected?

then the drive is correctly set to master and it is set to UDMA 4 which is fine.

if you’re taking 30 min to read and transcode a dual layer disc in dvdshrink then that time frame could be correct. try using dvdfab decrypter to just rip the files to your hard drive first. then see how long it takes. make sure you use a dual layer disc.

try doing a burst rate test from cd/dvd speed version 4.51.1. then post the results in here. do a google search for the cd/dvd speed download.

Assuming the rest of PC is new as well as u’r using an 80 wire IDE cable for both HDD and Pioneer, I would definitely recommend setting HDD to Master (should be marked “MA” and Pioneer to Slave “SL”. That is if they are hanging on the same cable. A better idea is to have an 80 wire cable for each device and in this case they should be both Masters.