Problem Pioneer 110d

Hi, i have pioneer 110D drives witch stock firmware, burn 5 media PRINCO8X02 for test the new drives , all ok.

later i upadte the firmware 1.22 and now , dont burn these media, i put the media, in DVD DECRYPTER or other software , open the LEAD IN , and send me a message I/O ERROR , and the media dont burn anymore…any in other drive like NEC3500 and LG4160 . i lost 10 media testing…

i put other drive BUFALO 1.22 and same thing, dont burn this media…ASPI drives is the last …help me guys

help me guys, a dont try other media its weekend , and i have only in the moment this PRINCO8X02 ,but i tested CD-r and +RW and -RW and burn all ok, i dont know if this problem its with the midia and pioneer or firmare, but i burn PRINCO8X02 with sotck firmware and now with 1.22 dont go :sad:


What do you expect from such CRAP media?

Do yourself a favour and buy some reliable media.

Quit beatin’ around the bush, chef and say what you really mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Already said in the second sentence of my post. :wink:

Yeah i know its a crap media, but i burn with stock firmware and now dont burn :frowning:

Scan of burned disc will likely show problems too. Post a scan of burned media if you can.