Problem - pc instant reboots when ripping

My system config:
MSI Kt3-Ultra2 mainboard (with raid onboard) - KT333
Amd Athlon XP 2000+
1x 512mb ddr ram 333mhz Kingston
Asus V84400 Geforce 4 ti4400 128mb
Windows XP Sp1

The problem is that when i’m trying to rip to divx or to dvd-r in Nandub or CCE… i sometimes get instant reboots, it can go ok for 2 or 3 times… and 4 th time boom. Strange thing is: when i set my fsb to 100Mhz (1250Mhz) instead of 133Mhz (1666mhz like it should be) it runs stable and doesn’t reboot… so i checked the cpu temp… but that was ok as well (49°C when idle, 55°C max when at 100%cpu load).
I updated my bios of the mainboard to rev. 5.60 (latest) and using all latest via4in1 drivers, promise fasttrack 133 latest drivers, geforce 4 latest drivers. I also disable the Nvidia driver helper service… downloaded every update through windowsupdate… cpu cooler is correctly mounted and doesn’t seem to have any problems… event viewer is not very clear either.
Someone in here who has an idea what this could be? When i was using a P4 2Ghz (had one over to test) i didn’t have this problem at all…

most likely a overheating problem
interior case temp gets too high…
run pc with case off and desk fan blowing in…

2nd choice
could be an agp x2 or x4 problem
disable agp x2/x4 in bios

one of those should sort it

Also can be the quality of the RAM. Put under heavy load much of todays availbale memory crumbles under the strain of 100% CPU utilization for hours.

I have the same problem you have, the only way for me to have a stable system is to lower the FSB to 200 megahertz. I have a

AMD XP 1800
ECS K7S5A 128 DDR 2100 RAM
ATI- Rage Fury Maxx 64 Ram

My bus speeds are supposed to be 266, like yours because the Athlon XP’s support this. When i run my system at that bus, it refuses to boot and restarts itself randomly. It turns out that my board is very particular about it PSU and heating. Also I disabled my 4X AGP, so its set at 2X AGP. You might wanna invest in a 400 Watt PSU from Antec, this may solve your problem.

ecs k7s5a
i can answer this one
assuming you have a good power supply and processor h/s
these amd xp processors get very hot and if you have a small
tower with the psu above the processor fan, you will have problems cos the processor fan is obscured and the air capacity of the case will not provide enough airflow. Also an inferior PSU will lose your bios settings every now and again. about once a month…god knows why
(k7s5a needs a 350w psu…a cheap one will do about £20)

replace your ddr memory with sdram
and it will work perfectly.

many of the k7s5a mobos have a compatability
problem with ddr memory…this does not show up
with sdram…performance is roughly equal with
sdram or ddr inserted. These boards were designed
for sdram, the ddr sockets were an afterthought with
hardly any design/speed benefits.

Its a good mobo, if you know its limitations and design your
system around them. I build using this mobo all the time.

My case is an ATX with 4 bays for optical drives, and a Pentium 4 ready PSU. I think it has room for 7 or more drives. Im using the heatsink that came with the AMD XP 1800 in a box(retail). Also I purchased a ThermalTake Volcano 9 heatsink and will install it when it arrives.

The SD RAM that i have is PC 100, and not PC 133. So Im not sure if PC 100 will work on this one? So your saying if i adjust my FSB to 266( Default for Athlon XP’s) using old SD Ram, it will be stable and will boot normally. Do you have your mobo set at 266 FSB?, mine is set at 200 , any higher and i start having problems.

It currently takes me about 45- 1 hour to encode a 1 gigabyte VOB to Divx, using a 1-Quality Pass.

i couldn’t get these mobos to work
with any ddr memory, bsod, registry corrupt
all sorts of errors…(tried about 4 differend ddr makes)
stuck in some old pc133 sdram and all works perfectly.
(generic pc133 256 megs at £18 a go)
I also put a larger than advised cpu heatsink (£7)in and
a 350w psu(£18).

I’ve built 4 systems for people (with xp1800s)
based on this mobo
all worked fine at 266 fsb but only with pc133 sdram.

forget pc100 sdram it won’t work…

I use 2 pass encoding and it takes me twice
the time of the movie to encode (approx)
but thats using an xp1600