Problem opening video folders

My original files were mpeg2 which I had captured from VHS but I had to convert those files to DVD-Compliance in order to use the DVD-Shrink software to shrink those big files to burn to DVD, I am using TMPGenc to convert from mpeg2 to DVD-Compliance, all of this worked great the last week but now for some unknown reason I am having problems opening the different folders within my main video storage folder, when I try to open a folder, all I see is the “hour-glass” that takes forever so I have to use ctrl+alt+delete to close the process but note that this problem is happening even when I try to open “empty” folders within the main video folder.

Since I only have trouble opening these folders I have to think that this porblem is video-related somehow? Anyone got any idea or fixes please? Thanks.

Can you hear the hard drive ‘rattling’ a lot after you click these files? It could be that you’re short of disk workspace on your storage area…