Problem Opening DVD Shrink 3.2

I have been using DVD Shrink 3.2 for a few weeks and everything worked great including burning to Nero. I tried downloading a new program and then had to delete it. After that DVD Shrink now takes 17 minutes to open the program. The program works fine at shrinking but then during the burning with nero, it will sometimes stop the burn process always at 29% burned. Somietimes it will burn o.k. but most times it stops at the 29% mark. I have tried to reload DVD Shrink several times but always end up with the same problem. I don’t think the problem is with nero as DVD Shrink should not take 17 minutes to open the program. Any suggestions. Please be specific as I am not too computer savvy. Thanks.

It looks like you need to do a full scan of your system for spyware, viruses etc.

What was the program you downloaded that gave you the problem?

I was trying to upgrade my Nero 6 to Nero 7 but it gave me a problem. So I deleted it and reinstalled Nero 6. I have Microsoft e-beta running everynight looking for spyware. I also occasionally run spybot as a backup. I use Norton anti-virus for my virus program and it runs a check weekly. I have also run a scan of my system. All these programs were installed before I downloaded DVD Shrink. I think the problem is with the Nero 7 that I downloaded since I started having problems right after this. I have since reloaded nero 6 but keep having the same problem. Any other ideas?

On the Ahead site you’ll find some Nero cleaning tools , I think under Utilities.

I suggest an uninstall of Nero & then run the clean tools which should remove any reference to Nero in the registry & on the HD.

I’d also uninstall Shrink.

Re-install Nero 6 & Shrink & maybe your problem will disappear.

Has this solved your problem?, if not i might beable to help.

Tim C,

Thanks for your help, unfortunately it did not seem to work. I’m not sure what this Ahead website is, but I did download some general cleaning tools from the nero website. Are they the same? I uninstalled Nero and also used the cleaning tools and also uninstalled DVD Shrink. When I went to reinstall Nero it already had my name and serial number in the space. The directions with the cleaning tool said that I should have to reenter my serial number. Also, I am installing Nero Express 6 which is part of an OEM suite and have one of the other suite’s program loaded onto my computer. I’m not sure of what to do next. I could really use your help. Thanks.

You were at the right site. Nero General clean tool is the one you want. Run it then go into program files and delete the Ahead folder if it’s still there. Also go to add and remove programs and uninstall DVD Shrink. Do a Google for CCleaner and download (Crap cleaner I believe, it’s free) then restart your PC. Run CCleaner then reinstall Nero then Shrink. Let us know if this helps.

The only thing to add here is the other folder that Nero uses. It’s program files/common files. Just delete the Ahead folder here as well.

crossg and TimC,

I tried both your suggestions (uninstalling programs, nero cleaning, and ccleaner) several times and nothing worked. I was able to get DVD Shrink to download and open right away, but when I went to burn it, the computer from up at 29% burn. I later installed a newer version of Nero. It was 6.6 as I had been using Nero Express 6. Each program loads up fine. It’s the DVD Shrink that is still taking 17 minutes to open even right after I download, except the one time mentioned above. Any other ideas?


How long does it take to deycript a movie normaly?


I use only DVD Shrink to compress movies and then DVD Shrink automatically uses Nero to burn them. I do not use a program like DVD Decrypter and have not had any problems until I downloaded and deleted Nero 7. The process I use is to put the disk to be copied into my DVD Burner drive. I open DVD Shrink and select Open Drive and then select the drive for the files to be copied from. It brings up the files and I delete just the languages I don’t want to get the compression as high as possible. Then I hit backup. It does an analysis which takes about 30-90minutes depending upon movie length. Then I hit back up and create a file to which DVD Shrink encodes new files. This encoding process takes about 2-1/2 to 3 hours then it asks for the disk to burn to and then it burns it which takes about another hour. All in all, the whole process takes about 4-5 hours from when I put the disk in to get a completed copy out (that is when DVD Shrink and Nero are working). Is there something wrong with the process that I am doing? I’ve done it like this on other disks and they worked fine. Also, I have switched from using up to 4X compatible disks to 8X but they are the same brand. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, accidentally posted twice.

These times are excessive, very excessive. I’ve an AMD XP2800 system & the analysis would take less than 2 minutes, The transcoding 15 minutes & the burn about 8.

There could be 2 problems that I can see.

It could be that some other process is taking all your CPU so run Task Manager & see what’s happening to your CPU with & without Shrink running.

The other things is whether DMA is enabled on your opticals drives. If you don’t know how to do this there’s a sticky (guide) on the Optical Drives forum that explains all.

This latter one should not affect the Shrink load time but would affect the rest of the process.

Sorry double posted

It takes me on average less than 1 hour to rip and burn a copy protected DVD using DVD shrink and Nero. Try using a different dvd-rw if you have one or try a different version of Nero because I had Nero 6 installed no problems then I installed Nero 7 lots of problems so went back to Nero 6.

Man oh man that is way to long to rip and burn a movie even with deep analysis. Mine takes about 30 minutes burning at 12x. One other option you may have is to try a System Restore to a point before you installed Nero 7 if you have Restore turned on.

Tim C,

Under performance in Task Manager the CPU usage for the system without DVD Shrink running was from 1 to 5%. With DVD Shrink running it jumped constantly back and forth between 5% and 100% and percentages in between during encoding and burning. Under Processes in task manager the image name for System Idle Process says 98 or 99 for CPU and the CPU time is going on 5 hours. Does this sound right? DVD Shrink 3.2 had a CPU time of 3 min and 29 seconds before the program stalled still at 29% burned. All other programs had CPU times under 20 sec.

As for the DMA in Device Manager I have for the Primary IDE for device 0 DMA if available(transfer mode) Ultra DMA mode (current transfer mode) . For device 1 I have DMA if available(transfer mode) Not applicable (current transfer mode).

For the Secondary IDE for device 0 DMA if available(transfer mode) DMA mode (current transfer mode) . For device 1 I have DMA if available(transfer mode) PIO Only (current transfer mode). Is this correct? I don’t know how to change the current transfer mode from PIO only. Is this a problem.

cross g,

How do I do a system restore? How do I tell if it is turned on? I had a problem about 5 years ago with another computer and tech support had me go back and I was able to restore my system to a date (I had several dates to choose from) before I had loaded on some bad hardware. Is this the same thing? If so, I don’t remember how to do it can you walk me through it? I am running Windows 2000.

Not sure but I would think Windows 2000 has System Restore. Go to the Start menu>Programs> Accessories>System tools>System Restore>Restore my Computer to an earlier time> next> then just find a time before you installed Nero 7. Not sure about Win 2000 as I am not familier with that OS. Another way of finding it is Start menu>search>Files or folders>System Restore and it should find the Icon. Let us know how you make out.:slight_smile:
Edit: Just saw your post #17. Windows 2000 IIRC shows the DMA mode a little differenty than XP but PIO mode does not sound good and that is probably the problem. Something knocked your drive out of Ultra DMA mode. System Restore may fix that as well. If not have a look in this threadfor help.

I am actually runnning windows 2000 Professional and there is no system restore under the system tools in accessories and I could also not find it by doing a search as you suggested. I was able to do it on a version of Windows 95 by a roundabout way with a tech support but don’t remember how. Why would they not have a system restore on Windows 2000? Any other suggestions for restore or about DVD Shrink or the PIO only problem?