Problem opening dvd fab express

i have dvd fab express, when i try and open it, i get a message saying dvd fab express has enountered a problem and has to close. never had this before, when i clik on details it says
It says Crash Report at top and under that it says crash dump, dmp file, size 140mb

under that it says crash dump and under that: MDMPҤd

please help me on this. i havent had this problem, and its frustrating i cant backup my movies

this is a full version ive had for 2 years

[B]Not to sound cockly but:
How to open file:
right click a link/sortcut to it and select
"[U]OPEN [/U]", the file will then open!

I think thats right…but im not sure!

[COLOR=Lime]P.S. I hope I was to your aid![/B]

Please post in the regular font. A post such as your will not get you help any faster.:cop:

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Hi unclestacy,
Express is no longer supported and has not been updated for quite some time. Unfortunately, this means you will have more and more decrypting failures as express encounters new copy protections.
As an express owner, you’re entitled to a free upgrade to Fab Gold
You can also pay $19.95 and upgrade to platinum…well worth it IMO.

You’ll need to retrieve a new reg key and you’ll need to enter the same email as you used when you made your original purchase of express. You should receive your new key, literally within seconds

Here’s the link:

Hope this helps

[B]DVDFab Express[/B] is no longer supported. Its functions are now included in [B]DVDFab Gold Version 3[/B] There is a free up grade to DVDFab Gold 3, but you will need to retain a new key. You will need to use same email address that was used when purchased. If email address has changed you will need to use the auto change under support or contact at Note change of site address. You do not need to remove Express as DVDFab Gold installs in a new directory.