Problem opening ANYDVD. I get errors while installing and unistalling

hello. i have installed the anydvd succesfully. when i unistalled it i got some errors. about a file dll. that cannot be deleted, and some other files. 3 in total. i tried to intall another version of anydvd, and i get the same errors when i both intall or unistall it. whats wrong? anyway dvd

the exact message i get, when i open it is:

access violation at address 009B126B in module 'AnyDialog.dll". Read of address 00B13559

and when i unistall it i get…

can’t delete file anydialog.dll, anydvd.exe
the file may be in use

Make sure it isn’t running in the lower right task bar if a fox is there it is running.

i checked, it isn’t :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

reboot and see if you can reinstall it so it can get a clean unistall Oh clean all your cache and temp folders before this to insure all is clean.

ok i will reboot, but how to i clean the chance and temp folders?

Start,Setting, control panel, internet options, delete files. delete cookies, clear history. then reboot.

thank you very much, it works :slight_smile:

Great glad to of helped.