Problem On 411s

I use FS0H and play badly on my household DVD player–Pioneer (can’t play smoothly) but no problem when play it by computer or using HS0B to burn(NERO). Why ?:confused:

Wath media brand are you using? i guess that is because of bad cheap media…

I’ve used imation for both FS0H & FS0B and the result is different (B is OK while H is bad).
Then I used Sky which is a locally cheap brand and the result is same as imation.
Thus, I guess the problem is due to the firmware but not the disc.
Besides, I used KProbe and discoverd that PIPO is always high for cheap disc (PI:500-1000) though it plays well in my household player. But it is more accurate in case of brand-name disc (eg. Verbatim, Imation etc.)
Is there anyone has similar experience? How do you find FS0J? Is it good?

i don’t know about FS0J, because i haven’t tried it yet…

It is known that FS0H is better for +r media, while FS0F is better for -r media (don’t know about FS0B)