Problem! Need help

I have been using 1click software for about 3 months now with no drama’s.
But now all of a sudden everytime I try to copy a movie I get a message pops up ‘Can’t open VIDEO_TS.IFO. Verify source’. Can anyone help point me in the right direction??

Thanks drennoau

Try > Open 1Click > Options
REselect your DVD Drive as “Source”/“Destination”

Click on the “v” next to “Source”/"Destination"
Select your DVD Drive from the drop-down .

You could also post a recent session or two from your > F8 log


do you have a registration id

Did you lose yours ?

You’ll have to contact LGSI Support
Provide your Name
And the email address originally used to purchase 1Click
They should be able to find and resend your original REG ID